Racket for Clarity?

Hey all,

While looking at the Clarity documentation, it occurs to me that Clarity is essentially a lisp without macros. It should therefore be pretty straightforward to use something like Racket to build not only macros, but also arbitrary DSL’s that pre-compile down to Clarity.

So my questions are twofold:

  1. Is anybody working on something like this?

  2. Is it even possible? I didn’t go deeply enough into the docs to know if Clarity is fully homoiconic or if it just looks that way.

I’ve never really played with Racket, but if this is possible and nobody is working on it, I may just pick it up (it seems cool as hell regardless). But I really hope someone is working on it because I already a have a lot going on.

Thanks in advance.

You should talk to @njordhov He did quite a bit with https://clarity.tools. He defines macros and the like…

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