Python SDK to build apps on blockstack

I am looking for python sdk to build app in python, We already have an app called as Datapod ( . We are trying to integrate backup on userdata on gaia. Our whole app is written in Python.

Blockstack is an edge computing platform. Do you run python on the user’s device? Do you want users to hand over their private key to your servers (you shouldn’t)?

If users trust you in handling their keys you can just make REST calls to gaia, no particular library needed.

Hi Friedger,

I am not giving users my private keys, I am only giving users temporary keys through which they can only access a folder on a s3 bucket on our cloud through AWS cognito. We want to provide another option to users through which they can access this storage through Gaia, rather the directly uploading their encrypted data on this folder.

Like you said, is there any documentation available for these rest api? is a privacy centric desktop app, the user will be in control of their data, so yes we are running a python binary on users desktop.

We will also provide option to users to sign in with blockcstack and store their data on Gaia.

The gaia documentation is available at

I am not aware of library dealing with authentication in python. The zone file python library was ported to py3, there is this old piece of code:

My understanding is that currently the focus of the Blockstack PBC team is on javascript support. There is a community developed library for Pascal, maybe that helps to understand the effort to build a python library.

I am currently working on porting keylib-py and jsontokens-py to python3. zonefile-py is already ported. Do you want to join the effort?