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Put file in other user's app bucket

Is it possible to putFIle via https request (or via library) in other user’s app bucket if app private key is known ?

Yes it is possible @kailuas since gaia storage uses a decentralized storage model.

how ?

you should look into Radiks

I can’t use it in my react native project

It’s possible to use Radiks in React Native…the client just needs to be ported over. The Radiks server should work as is.

Here is what need to be ported over (might be more) :

  • Swap out localstorage for AsyncStorage/SecureStorage
  • Change blockstack.js dependencies to RNBlockstack
  • It also might help pulling in some crypto and buffer libs using rn-nodeify . I run this as a post install step in npm "postinstall": "rn-nodeify --install stream,buffer,events,assert,vm,crypto,blob --hack",

I started porting it over here (sort of working on android):

Have you try to use it in react native ?
Is there ready solution ?

yeah im creating a react native app called goodtimes (same repo above) and got some basic functionality working on android