Purchased blockstack ID from wndows - profile erased


while I was trying to register for stealthy IM app, I was redirected to register for .id to be able to use the app. I followed the instructions, sent bitcoin and completed the transaction as instructed. I did get final confirmation and my .id started to show up in my profile with pending clock icon!! which looked great, but after few min later when I came back to profile page, I see all my profile data wiped out, the bitcoin for the transaction was deducted. I went ahead to reset the blockstack browser and recovered back using my seed, hoping it will get back the state. Nothing changed and I had to register all over again with the social accounts and complete my profile. The ID I registered does not show up in my profile nor in the .id search.

I did check my transaction to buy .id on block chain and it does show up as successful. Here is the txn https://blockchain.info/tx/0f2855458923920bb1146123e79426dcec3027da0be407250c006617cffef0a3. please help.


Also on Windows. I had the same experience with needing to re verify all the social accounts after buying an ID. Had the s\ame problem with not seeing my ID show up in my profile afterwards too. However, one day later it showed up.

Thanks. I will check it out tomorrow.

It looks like the registration went through:

It takes roughly an hour for a registration to process:


Thanks Aaron. Looks good now. Erasing profile looks like a bug in windows version, but not a big deal. Hope you fix it soon, profile showing ID as pending is nice, as it did for few minutes before wiping out everything.

What web browser was it displaying in? The blockstack keychain is stored in your web browser’s localStorage, so things like private browsing, wiping web browser state, etc. will cause the Blockstack browser’s state to reset.

I use chrome, always up to date. Never had a problem, this is the first time. I believe the purchase of ID is hidden in the windows version(latest) I am using, so i am guessing its not fully functional as intended. However, an app directed me to the hidden function to buy ID :slight_smile:.

Everything looked good, but not seeing the status and profile gone, after transaction went through is confusing and makes it looks like everything is lost. Only after that i tried “reset browser” option of blockstack and recovered using my seed to see if that makes any difference.

Does resetting and recovering using seed in the same or other machine, causes the profile loss? Or is it stored and recovered using the configured storage? For now looks like everything except the blockstack id is lost on recovering using the seed.

Erases profile hopefully temporarily in Chrome for mac as well. Just purchased my .id and now everything is blank except my wallet balance.