Proposal to use for all schemas (including passcards)

I’m working on a new proposal for the passcard schema. If this is accepted it will be v3 and take the place of the existing v3 proposal.

I will submit details in a bit, but at the high level I want to bring up a few points. The first of which is that I think we should start using for all of our schemas, including the ones for passcards (schemas describing personal identities).

The reason is that many developers have put quite a bit of time into developing schema standards for nearly everything you can imagine, and some very large companies like Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, and Yandex have gotten behind it.

For reference, just take a look at all of the schema types here:

There are a few great things here:

  1. there are schemas already defined, so a lot of work is out of the way
  2. it’s designed for cross-compatibility - for example, if multiple parties decide to start using a new object type, there will be very little that needs to be reconciled between them
  3. schema can be easily validated / each schema comes with it’s own manual - when you see a schema, you know how to validate it by checking something called a “context” file
  4. the schemas work well with one another - for example, we can have a Person with a claim it is employed by an Organization and an Organization with a claim it employs a Person

Companies like Google already supporting is huge

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This will also make it attractive for app creators to to support Passcard: they’ll get a lot of nicely structured data they can directly redisplay within the context of their product that search engines will immediately be able to make use of. We can say “Passcard improves your SEO!”

Yes, awesome! And it actually will improve SEO because Google already picks up this structured data and displays it as “cards” in search results.

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