Proposal for web intent to launch payment in blockstack browser

Inspired by Android intents and web intents (as in standardization drafts and e.g. twittter), this is a proposal for a web intent for blockstack browser:

Launch Payment



  • to blockstack id of receiver of payment (payee)
  • amount amount of payment
  • note note of payment (optional)

Opens the wallet page of blockstack browser and prefills the fields to and amount accordingly converting the url parameters to the required formats.


Intents would be huge as it would allow the browser to run as a type of OS. For instance, the /intent/pay could then open up a dedicated wallet app that the user prefers to the one included in the browser…

You could also use intents to open up certain documents or local (think PWA but not online/with a domain) apps instead of websites…

Could be super useful. I think the only issue is standardization but that could be solved by using intent versions (same way you deprecate and older REST API)

Yes, WebIntents would be great but for now, we only have the Web Share API. WebIntents (as a general concept) were deprecated in Chrome 24 mainly for usability reasons.

My suggestion is much simpler, just a page on the blockstack browser that prefills the wallet payment fields.

Ah, but what I’m saying is the browser can treat them as intents, i.e. the webpage and/or extension and/or browser itself can parse as an intent. Sorry!