Proposal for Stacks Github changes

This forum post makes two proposals:

  • Rename the blockstack Github org to something more on-brand with the Stacks ecosystem. blockstack is a legacy name, no longer in active use for the Stacks ecosystem. Using a name that’s more on-brand with Stacks will help with discoverability and project awareness; conversely continued usage of blockstack can be confusing and misleading especially to new community members. Obviously, any such rename would have to be executed by the Stacks Foundation: they should determine the new name, community involvement / process etc as appropriate.
  • Migrate repositories that Hiro considers “Hiro projects” to the hirosystems org. For historical reasons, the blockstack Github organization was also the primary home for many projects in the Stacks ecosystem and thus now contains many other repositories that better belong elsewhere. To clarify repositories that are under the Stacks Foundations’ or community governance from repositories that are effectively Hiro projects, we would like to transfer those repositories from the blockstack org to the hirosystems org (in the same vein as the docs split outlined here). This would include the Hiro wallets, the Explorer, the API repo among others, a full list follows at the end of the post.

What does it mean for you?

  • The org name will be seamless for repositories (i.e. blockstack/stacks-blockchain will redirect to new-name/stacks-blockchain). HOWEVER, itself would 404. See Github docs on this.
    • You should still update your remotes to the new location on any local checkouts
  • Transfer of repositories from blockstack to hirosystems org should also be mostly seamless. Read Github docs for details.
    • You’ll want to update remotes to the new location, even though old URLs will continue to work.
    • Repo-specific project boards will be migrated with the repo, no intervention needed.
    • Multi-repo boards that are in the blockstack org and refer to any of the transferred repositories will require manual intervention.
  • Moving the repositories from one Github org to another will have no material impact to end users and developers: nothing is changing in terms of licenses, distribution or contributing guidelines.

Proposed repositories for migration

  • stacks-blockchain-api
  • stacks.js
  • explorer
  • stacks-wallet
  • stacks-wallet-web
  • ui
  • clarity-vscode
  • connect
  • eslint-config
  • gh-action-testing
  • heystack
  • prettier-config
  • rx
  • todos

Thoughts / suggestions / feedback? Leave a comment!

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These changes make sense to me, what kind of timeline do you suggest on this? i.e. what is a fair amount of time to give folks to update remotes?

For everyone, any immediate name suggestions for the repo knowing that ‘stacks’ is not available?

@jennymith is this something the governance working group could take lead on?

Obviously, any such rename would have to be executed by the Stacks Foundation: they should determine the new name, community involvement / process etc as appropriate.

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I’d suggest maybe 1-2 weeks for the renaming of the blockstack org – it should not be very disruptive for most people to begin with.

I won’t put any name suggestions here or in any other public forum to avoid squatters. Happy to make suggestions offline.

As for migrating the repositories, that work can happen anytime and unless there’s a compelling reason to wait, we’d like to get started on that as soon as this week. We’ll probably do some less used repository first as a trial run, and then migrate some of the high usage ones next week.

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Last week we started the migration with three small repositories to understand what are the implications and the workflow of moving to a new Github organization. The ui, todos, and heystack projects now live under hirosystems.

We are now ready to migrate more visible projects starting with the Hiro Wallet Web repository, Hiro Wallet Desktop, and Stacks Explorer.

I’ll update this thread with the progress of the migration.

Hiro wallet web and desktop, and the Stacks Explorer repos are now under the hirosystems GitHub organization.

All the repositories except from stacks.js and stacks-blockchain-api. We are looking to move the API repo next.