Proposal for Community Engineering Meetings

Hi everyone! :wave:t4:

As I mentioned in the call today, within Blockstack PBC we’ve recently had some discussions around how to make the engineering meeting more useful for the community. Issues with the meetings today:

  • Poor attendance
  • No clear goal(s)
  • Usually short due to lack of discussion topics
  • Lack of awareness in new community members?

Going forward, we’d like to refocus the meeting around the following goals:

  • Support for app developers: think office hours type discussion, QnA etc
  • Inform the community: think roadmap reviews, share more details on work happening within PBC etc
  • Solicit feedback: think design discussions, feedback on project proposals, input for future roadmap etc

Additionally, I’m recommending we add a bit more structure to the meeting:

  • Updates / Announcements - 10min
  • Special Topic [speaker TBD based on topic] - 20min
  • QnA on special topic - 10min
  • General QnA / Office Hours [focused on app mining] - 20min

One open question: is the current time working well for the community? One option we were considering was whether it might help to have this call be closer to the app mining call.

  • YES, current time works well, no change needed
  • NO, current time doesn’t work well

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Would love to get any and all feedback from the community!


Hi everyone,

We haven’t received a lot of feedback either way, so absent any other signal, our plan is to go ahead and try out some changes. As we learn more, we’ll continue to adapt this meeting. Specifically:

  • Align the community eng meeting with the monthly app mining meeting.
  • The eng meeting will be right BEFORE the app mining call. It will be scheduled for 60min, with rough structure outlined above.

cc/ @moxiegirl since you own the current invite.