Proposal: Development diaries

I’m trying out something new: Making a post about recent features/changes in the packages I’m working on. I’m calling it a development diary.

I see this as an informal way to keep the community and the team informed with what I’ve been working on without having to read GitHub commits or waiting for formal blog post release announcements.

Let me know if you find this useful/other thoughts.

My first post is here Browser development diary

We did weekly engineering updates earlier. A diary sounds similar to that only that entries in it might be posted more frequently?

I see them as less formal, more decentralized - the person or persons working on a repository can post a summary of what they’ve been working on when they think it makes sense. Lower friction than coordinating multiple people to generate a single weekly engineering update.

They can also serve as a source for someone writing a community newsletter and topics to be developed into more formal blog posts.

Got it. Sounds good to me.