Profile information lost after buying a username

After I purchased a username, all my profile information is lost and looks like a new profile was created for me.

I wasn’t expecting this, is there any way to merge the two accounts?

Hi Rohit,

There is currently no functionality to merge two Blockstack IDs, but you can manage and toggle between additional IDs on your keychain when you go to IDs > More in your profile. Could you provide your Blockstack ID(s) and the username you purchased?

A few comments about the process:

  1. It wasn’t clear that purchasing a new id ( would result in a new account. I thought the new username would be associated with my existing account

  2. My blockstack is ID-1KVRJKyQbKJ9daWPgnwAqTjVH5txNTNnXo for the username ( that I purchased last week.

  3. I am not sure what are the credentials for this new account? Are they the same as my previous account? I was never prompted for credentials the new account.

  4. I fear that if I logout of the new account, I won’t be able to log back in. The whole UX is very confusing in terms of setting expectations about a transaction.

Thanks for your feedback, Rohit.

Purchasing a username for a Blockstack ID does not result in the creation of a new account. When you create your account and select Add A Username, the chosen username will be registered for the default Blockstack ID in your profile.

If you select IDs > More, you can create additional Blockstack IDs for your account and register additional usernames respectively.

Your default Blockstack ID is 1KVRJKyQbKJ9daWPgnwAqTjVH5txNTNnXo and you registered the username for this ID. You mentioned a “previous account”. Do you own another keychain, or did you create additional Blockstack IDs?

If you get logged out of your profile or would like to reset your browser, you can restore your profile with your 12-word (mnemonic) passphrase (or “Secret Recovery Key”).

@sebastian, first I want to thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

So, I logged out, then logged in and now I see I have an username and an ID. My profile page doesn’t mention any of the social accounts that I have already linked with my blockstack ID. This is why I thought creating a username created a new account/profile as well.

The question, now, is what happened to the social accounts connected to my account? Is this a bug that the connections were lost? Or is this expected behavior?

Btw, I just added all the social connections back to my account.

Thanks, Rohit, always happy to help! Glad you were able to restore.

There was a social verification issue that has been resolved in the meantime:

I took a look at the explorer and your profile and social verifications look fine. If you continue to have issues, please let us know.