Profile info lost ? wallet, registered name, account verifications seem gone

Hi there,

I registered the name and did the account verifications a while ago, and now when trying to restore my account, it seems that I lost everything, namely:

  • wallet
  • registered name
  • account verifications

could you help me out trying to understand what happened ?


Hey Olivier -

When you go to the Profile Page, can you give us your Blockstack ID? It should be between your name & bio. Something that looks like this: ID-1onTykegw5oYjsThkLfCZP6oqGNkkyebz.


Hey Michael,

sure, my ID is ID-1FJhLmaXqpNMUEadtKWjtZULdTZNP22vE9

the registered name is still visible on the explorer:


It seems to be a problem with the browser then, because I still see your complete profile information and verifications on that explorer link. :thinking:

Do you use the installed version or ?

Hey @Olivier,

I see two social verifications, a profile picture, and an “about me” entry in your profile when I load it on the explorer. Do you see this on your end?

Hi @jude, @MichaelFedora,

thanks for your support and sorry for the late follow-up:

  • I do see the social verifications, the profile picture, the about me on the explorer
  • I used the latest browser (0.31.0 for linux) freshly downloaded - no luck, no profile info
  • following the suggestion, I tried the online browser and restore my account there and it works - everything showing as expected

it looks like a problem with the linux version… would some kind of cleaning of previous installs help ?