Profile Erased

I created a profile and even verified some of my social accounts. Now for some reason everything is back at zero, my pic is gone and my ID is at 0% completeness. What’s going on? is this thing broken?

Hi @1FMVgY7HPqt57TcoZsP7, I’d recommend updating your browser and trying to do a hard refresh. That might resolve the issue, but please feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you continue to have issues.

thank you, tried both of those things , but no luck

emailed support. I really want this to work but am nervous if it’s already bugging out this hard.

I had the same issue. I even saw my profile information in the blockstack explorer - but now it’s all gone. I’ll try sending an email as well.

They still haven’t resolved this. So I basically wasted my time posting on social media for them. Glad i didn’t spend the 8 bucks to secure my ID at this point. Probably time to move onto another experiment.

Just a quick update here: It looks like in this case the original profile data were overwritten when the keychain was restored, which shouldn’t normally happen. This is a temporary issue where the local blockstack client caused the browser to be unable to render the profile. It tried to save a change to the profile, but was rendering a “blank” default profile at that point, overwriting the old one. We are working on resolving this in the next build so the client will be more stable.