Profile data empty

Today after logging in I had to see that my profile data were gone. No picture, no twitter profile etc. The app displays “anonymous” as logged in user… Other apps say “blockstack user”. What is still correct is the blockstack naming id and the corresponding cryptic ID.

I will come back in a year to look whether the blockstack authentification is stable. Technologically seen it might be the case, in terms of trust, it is not yet.

Thank you for you work. I will come back. Best regards

That’s interesting–usually when you reset the browser, you have to do this back and forth process to recover your name and images (described here: After resetting Blockstack browser, I'm only seeing one of my IDs)–though that’s only when you have multiple IDs.

In past there was also a situation where using the Blockstack plug-in could corrupt your profile. When I look at your profile, I’m not seeing your social proofs or image data as you pointed out. (I got there by looking you up here: and then looking at your profile data:

Maybe @jeffd has more up-to-date info about this. Can you check your Blockstack Browser version? And did you upgrade from a previous version? There was a bug that could have caused this but it’s been fixed in the latest versions of the Browser.

Thank you Yokan.

  • Google Chrome Version 72.0.3626.109
  • On my PC I am using 2 Identities (maybe that is the point?)

Where can I read out the blockstack browser version? Meanwhile I have updated to your latest version announced here in the forum.