Problems with profile on Onename

@ryan thanks, I didn’t know about the azure setup, and I might do that.

My one concern regarding the onename api has been some oddities when getting users IDs. For example,I cant seem to figure out why some identities have data in the verification section and others don’t. For example my own priofile(starsoccer) has no data, yet the demo one used in the documentation(fredwilson) has data. My account has been twitter verified though like the one in the documentation, yet it does not appear in the verification section.

@starsoccer It looks like you have a profile that is still in the legacy format. Can you try updating your profile in order to migrate it over to the new format based on

Also it looks like there may be an issue with proof checking / verifications on the old profile format. @muneeb and I will look into this and get back to you.

Interesting, I made a small change, deleted the website, and my profile seems to have changed and everything unverified. I will give it a little bit to see if it fixes it self, otherwise I will re-set it up.

Ah I’m sorry that’s a bug that I thought was fixed earlier. Can you please try filling your profile out again? I’ll look into fixing this.

Tried changing my name as well as verifying my twitter account, but both changes did not seem to take affect.

@starsoccer this is your new profile file:

It may take some time for the zone file to sync and start pointing to it.

Can you try updating your profile again once your new zone file has been synced to the Blockchain?

You can check on the status here:

It seems to be updated now, but still cant seem to update any data

@starsoccer You should see a second UPDATE transaction go through. It hasn’t hit yet. I’ll check on this and get back to you.

@ryan it seems like it went through as reflects the name change, yet when I go to the onename website to see my name, it is not reflected

I’ll take a look at your profile and get back to you.

Looks like it has been corrected now and my verifications appear to be in the correct spot now. Thanks for all of your help.


You’re welcome! Thanks for being an early user :slight_smile:

@muneeb another issue/concern, bitcoin addresses on a users profile. Mine shows one way, while the example one, fredwilson shows another.


  "@type": "Account",
  "identifier": "1EcysP9UmvyW1zdD75noVdb8BVaRA7ZC8h",
  "role": "payment",
  "service": "bitcoin"


  "bitcoin": {
    "address": "1Fbi3WDPEK6FxKppCXReCPFTgr9KhWhNB7"

Fred’s profile is in the legacy format. The next time he updates it, it will be converted to the current format. If you use our profile libraries (javascript / python), this should be handled transparently for you!

Yep, there are a bunch of profiles in the old format. That’s the difference you’re noticing.

Okay thanks, is there a good up to date format profile I could take a look at and just make sure I have the correct format down?

Yes, here’s my profile:

Here’s the token file it’s parsed from:

And here’s the record containing the zone file that points to the token file:


Thanks, @ryan how can I go about updating my profile, starsoccer to be completely up to date? Currently the structure is different on mine vs yours. For example, you have a top level profile object, but my account I need to select my username first and then the profile object

@muneeb ^ see my above post

@Starsoccer Do you know JavaScript?

If so, you can update your profile with blockstack.js.

Check this out: