Problems of permissions and accesability of Gaia Hub

We are experiencing problems with the update of files (put a file with an existant file with the same name) in the Gaia Hub Server hosted by PBC. Can create a file, but then cannot be updated. It maintains the same content. Also we see some intermittance when putting a new file. This started happening last Friday Jan 17th 2020. It behaves like this, does not matter if the user has a new account or old. Our application cannot be used because of this.

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Hey @proe, did you get any interesting HTTP messages or errors when you downloaded or uploaded?

Hey @jude , we did not get any error or HTTP messages when downloaded or uploaded.
Initially, we thought was something that we did in our code with some of the improvements, checked it up, but could no solve it. Then we detected it as one file coordinates accesability of other files, then lost the capacity to be updated. We saved the file (put) then .then conditions said that was done succesfully, then execute a read (get) and the contents were the previous content without the added data. The behaviour was like a readonly file.
We did the same putting a new file, and updating it, with the same behaviour. This also happened to other files that are not changed so often. We used several other users, new or old, the same. We have been working with actual users at their premises.
This morning (Thursday), the new files uploaded were capable to be updatable. The “old” some of the files were updatable, some were readonly. So we had to renew all the files that were usable or needed to continue development. Some of these files are actually, Clarity Smartcontracts.
Probably something happened on the 14th or 15th at the GAIA Hub or the bucket.

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So, there’s nothing really fancy about Gaia – it just writes data to an Azure bucket on POST, and whenever you GET the data, it’s coming through Cloudflare out of the Azure bucket. The logs don’t show anything out of the ordinary, but in order to dig deeper, I’m going to need your hub’s address (e.g. the Gaia URL out of which your files are served).

One thing to be aware of – if you have a lot of data (over 10GB) in a single Gaia bucket, the Gaia hub at will throttle your POST requests (you’d see this as HTTP 429 errors).

@proe I was experiencing the same issue over the last 10days until yesterday. Was receiving a “unexpected end of JSON” error, create functionality would not save after submission and I could not update. Yesterday, I lost all old data but my code now works again without changing anything. We have no idea what could have caused this? @jude

Will provide you with the url if that’s what is needed. I have talked to more than a few who have experienced this. Doesn’t seem to effect those who have deployed.

Clearly, we need to build a diagnostic tool that could tell the dapp user of the status of the Gaia Storage. This diagnostic tool should test if can upload files, if can update them, the zero file message, etc. So we could put an indicator in the Dapp the status of the Gaia Storage.

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Is a bad batch of AWS storage a possibility?

From what I understand, they are Azure S3 Buckets.