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Problems getting STX out of Coinlist from ICO

To anyone here that might be able to provide some help or insight. I participated in the Blockstack offering in 2017. In 2018 (before the Hiro Wallet), I received an email from Coinlist with a link to set up my Wallet in order to receive my tokens. I have a wallet address + verification code. I also have in my notes a 24-word Seed Phrase…but I have no idea what wallet service provider was used. I could have swore it was Coinstack, but is dead. Can anyone provide any insight from their experience w/ Coinlist and the issuance of the tokens? Thanks. -g

If you have a 24 word seed phrase then you must have also had and used the Blockstack 3.0 wallet (pre Hiro wallet) because that is what generates the seed phrase. This seed phrase will work with the Hiro desktop wallet software to restore the wallet. Have you tried this?
The way it worked with Coinlist is you had to download and run the Blockstack wallet (while backing up the seed phrase) and generate a deposit address that Coinlist could use to deposit your STX tokens.
That previous wallet will no longer work as it’s not compatible with the Stacks 2.0 blockchain so you can only use the new Hiro wallet, at >> Hiro Wallet for Desktop


thank you very much @fluidvoice !!!