Problem with Setting up Ledger Live with Stacks Wallet


Newbie here, trying to setup my ledger with ledger live to setup a new stacks wallet. I am following the official directions here.

I’ve followed the directions and

  1. upgraded the ledger live firmware to the newest version 2.0.0
  2. Put on developer mode as you can see with the “experimental” on the bottom left.
  3. When I search for “stacks”, the correct application doesn’t show up. All that’s there is this STX, which I was told is not the correct application for the ledger for Stacks. It’s really weird because the name is correct and it shows up in the search, but the logo icon is wrong. This is really confusing for people.
  4. Developer mode is enabled, as if it wasn’t, this Stacks search result doesn’t even show up.

Could someone help with this? Any idea what’s going on?


@kyranjamie confirming this is an issue with the logo image but the correct app? :thinking:

Thanks Gina for responding. Someone responded on the Discord group, but there is so much spam and imposters, I wasn’t sure if it was correct or not.

This is the correct app. It’s a very unfortunate issue but, ultimately, out of our control. Ledger have said they will fix.

“STOX” referers to a defunkt token that used to go by the same symbol.

Thx Kyran - hope this is updated ASAP.