Problem for use from iran

hello and thank u ,
so , i try many time to move my about 2 milion user to blockstack but , in development phase we got blocked , our users connect from iran and its my problem , any idea how can we join to new internet guys ?
again thanks for 5 years works and this awesome project.

@ahmadworld can you explain how you ‘got blocked’? What do you need to continue moving forward?

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I think you would probably start by running your own blockstack core node?
if blockstack is hosted on AWS infrastructure then ya, I think people in Iran are going to be blocked, right?

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hi @dant , thanks for reply , Sanctions against Iran , this is my problem , all providers like aws and etc … so i think this is bad idea to serve my service out of cloud for over 10 million daily active users , its need a lot of resource and all cloud providers block our people

hi , thanks for replay , exactly . for my active users cloud is very important