Private key old

I have the private keys, when i registered my account but, i have only. At that time, 12 words. Now, ask me for 24. I cant restore my wallet because i have 12 words only. Could you help?

The 12 phrases are different from 24 phrases, of course the stack wallet using different seed phrases. Unfortunately, from my perspective the operation of deriving private keys from a seed is intentionally irreversible. So it is very hard for stack wallet to restore your 12 phrases wallet unless it supports 12 phrases seed protocol.

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“The seed phrase you entered is invalid.”

I suggest you use the old version of the wallet and then transfer your stacks to a new wallet address using a 24 word seed (for your own security!)

There is a relevant open issue on github:

There is an estimate how long it takes to break you seed if it is split depending on your length, try on and generate seeds with different word counts.

Yeah. maybe i cant recovery my coins. I cant find solutions. The “options” setup is very poor.

You can use cli-blockstack (if you know some system terminal operations). The operation is

cli-blockstack send_tokens TO_ADDRESS STACK 1000000 $privateKEY1 $privateKEY2

information in detail

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What is the problem you are seeing with the old version of the wallet?

I cant find a link to old version (12 words recovery)

I dont understand that. Sorry Thanks by the way

Here is the list of releases:

I have that version. I cant restore by 12 words. Only 24.

You can use cli-blockstack to transfer your Token to Stack Wallet.

Btw, @jude what do you think of this problem, many users use 12 words to own the Blockstack ID by Blockstack browser. Is it necessary for our team to develop an application for user to transfer the token to stack wallet using 24 words? Most of users are not developers after all.

So I’m also having this issue where I have a private key “ID…” and I have no clue where to put that. I don’t have a seed phrase but I have that. and a password. This is just a maze of confusion

From @yukan on GitHub:

The current version of the wallet does not allow you to restore from a 12 word seed phrase because since the first version, it has always generated 24 word seed phrases. The confusion I believe is from users who wrote down their Blockstack Browser seed phrase (which was 12 words) and labeled it as “Blockstack”. And later on try to use it to restore their Stacks wallet.

The only path forward is to find your Secret Key which is either a 24 word seed phrase and or connected to a Ledger or Trezor.

There was no way to submit a STX address and participate in past token sales without first verifying control of your Secret Key.