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Pre-Stacks 1.0 .id name renewal support thread

I have received the reminder about renewing pre-stacks 1.0 names.
Now trying to renew my old BNS .id names using the web app ( but unsuccessful so far.
I have connected my stacks wallet and searched for old names but the search goes on endlessly without any results.
Any advice? Many thanks.

Generally that means one of the following:

  1. your name has already expired before the Stacks 2.0 launch
  2. you’re using the wrong seed phrase
  3. you’re signing in with the wrong account in Hiro Web Wallet

I had a ******.id.blockstack ID on Stacks 1.0. I can still view information for that ID at the legacy site:

And that legacy site says the ID “Does not expire”.

I ran into the same issue as the original poster in this thread. I go to the BNS renewal site, enter my secret, and the dialog continuously says ‘searching…’ and never gets anywhere. Are .id.blockstack IDs different from .id IDs?

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***.id.blockstack IDs are not names, they are subdomains. Renewal is the responsibility of the owner of id.blockstack.

I was told to never give up a seed phrase. Even so, there is no button active to enter this information. The only text in what supposed to be a button is “invalid secret”.
I have two ID’s and none of them works.

I have the same issue here with one of my names, @rawc. It is not supposed to expire.
Hope we find a solution.

This is good advice, you can run the tool on your computer and review the source code: GitHub - newinternetlabs/

You don’t need to renew id.blockstack subdomains. They are not full fledged names.

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Hey everyone,
hey Larry,

I did renew my .id Username using the renewbns website.
But unfortunately it does not reflect in the /names/ api-call nor can i use the .id account for logging in e.g. at btc us

What went wrong? Any chance to fix this?

Hi @MountainMaster

The the Hiro web wallet has a known bug with some renewed names: I’m trying to figure it out myself! Fix ability to authenticate with renewed username · Issue #504 · hirosystems/stacks-wallet-web · GitHub

I’ve also noticed that the name lookup endpoint doesn’t correctly reflect renewals. You can verify the renewal is processed by directly calling the BNS smart contract.

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Hello there, I too registered multiple .id names back in 2014. These were perpetual names (no expiry) and registered in a single account.

In 2017, Jack Zampolin (at Onename) confirmed that the names were visible via API even though not available at the time on the web interface.

Now, post-hiro, I find that my onename account ID is not understood by the wallet. I used my key (15 words) to log into my Hiro wallet and it is showing as empty.

What is the best way to proceed here? I would like to believe that my .id names are still available, floating around somewhere.

Happy to share .id names or my wallet if required.