PoX mining diagram

I think it would be useful for people to grok how PoX mining works - and to include in the stacks wiki {stacks.zone} one or more diagrams similar to the one below showing a project’s bitcoin merge-mining details. To help make this easier, if a PBC engineer sketched this out on a whiteboard or on paper and post a pic of it I can draw it up with draw.io
As of now I can only guess what the diagram(s) should contain to clarify PoX…

  • the specific Stacks data, format/size/etc., that is stored in the bitcoin block+chain, and when in the PoX/Stacking process.
  • miner’s block commits during prepare phase?
  • details of the bitcoin Tx sent when a Stacks block gets mined (hash or whatever is stored in the bitcoin blockchain).
  • (lower importance) perhaps what the Stacks microblocks look like - though not recorded by the bitcoin blockchain*

@fluidvoice, that sounds great – here are some slides on PoX from a discussion with NEAR that might be useful:

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Good idea,It’s better to be animated.

Thanks I will take a look n see it it’s enough for me to make a first pass/attempt of the diagram.