PoX Community Infographics

The Stacking Consensus Mechanism needs a general illustration, so our entire community can easily understand it.

Is there someone from our community that would like to make this drawing into an amazing infographic?

It’s time we tap into your creative powers!


Hope this will suffice :slight_smile:


Cool and 3D! :slight_smile:


Thank you kindly :pray:t5:

@fluidvoice here’s one for you!

@genTre Thanks, Harold. Appreciate this one. :innocent:

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How is the bitcoin chain involved? Can that be included?

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Thanks. PNG is hard to edit though. Any chance of a vector image or whatever format this was created with/in?

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PoX.svg.zip (162.4 KB)

Hope this works for you :slight_smile: Converted to Optimized svg in Inkscape.

Would you like a version that includes details on the overwriting of bitcoin for newly minted STX? Or are you referring to other aspects of the BTC chain usage? Can add whatever you wish; this version was just based on sketched diagram above. Feel free to draw something up too! No problem for the OI Chat founder. :fist:t5:

What did you use to create the original drawing? This .svg file is just one big image. I cannot move/modify individual objects.


Should be able to edit this copy; sorry the online software will be fairly limited relative to more powerful tools of course.

May I make use of this art for my upcoming PoX presentation during March 2020.

Ofcourse! :slight_smile: It is here for anyone to use that needs it. Feel free to duplicate the copy linked to for @fluidvoice as your own for any needed modifications you might want. :fist:t5:

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Russ, have a look at these terms that better define the different devices involved in the network…
Stacks Holder, Full Node, Pool Node, Miner.
In your diagram the STX Holders are better labelled as Full Nodes

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Do you have the original file for this one? More than happy to edit for you.

“Combined Rewards” need more information. Does it mean BTC + STX? Accumulated of STXs?

No, I don’t think so. Miners receive STX rewards only as far as I know atm.
It probably means a combination of block rewards and transaction fees (both in STX)… I’m guessing.


That’s right and fees from clarity smart contracts