Possibility of Decentralizing Name Acquisition?

I tend to have a certain view of developing things, that is, to keep them small and focused to keep efficiency along with effectiveness in balance – code wise, at least.

As I’m developing my extension, I realize that I do not want to code an entire wallet handling, transaction making system. I set out to make a browser - not a bitcoin wallet & transaction handler!

Therefore I pose this question: can name acquisition be done outside the browser, or does it require things are only available inside the browser (e.g. blockstack ID private key)? And if it can, should it?

What are your thoughts?

One option is to run a “registrar” service that registers names on other peoples’ behalf. They’d give you their desired name, ID-address, and zone file hash, and the registrar would send the NAME_PREORDER and NAME_REGISTRATION transactions with it. The registrar must be trusted to not steal the name, but users could simply run the registrar program locally with their Bitcoin payment key. In fact, this is how older versions of the Browser used to work – they’d communicate with a background daemon that registered names.

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I guess that was the root of my question - was the name transaction tied to the address making the transaction, but according to you it doesn’t seem like it is.