Pooling from within the Hiro Wallet

Hello everyone.
I’d like to get ahead of a pooling situation and make sure that I understand what will happen next.
I had an amount of STX in the Hiro Wallet. I pooled that amount with Friedger in the Friedger pool for 12 cycles.
At the end of those 12 cycles, I wanted to add my rewards and repool. So, I revoked my delegation. I was expecting a cool down period, but there have also been several updates to the HIRO wallet in the interum.
The current Stacked cycle is 75.2% complete. And I am still receiving STX rewards.
The DELEGATE button place to enter the Stacking contract is no longer present from within my HIRO wallet.
I wonder whether the stacked STX will be returned to my wallet at the end of the current cycle or automatically restacked. I did not find any mention of requesting a withdraw from the current staking contract.
I simply want to be able to add my STX rewards to my current stacked STX and delegate again to Friedger pool, but I do not yet see that this will be possible from within HIRO.
I would appreciate any input.
Rick Spindler

I would like to clarify that the 75.2% complete appears to be the 2nd 12 cycles…The first 12 cycles appeared to be delegated to Friedger Pool as normal.
Then I revoked delegation so that for the next 12 cycles I would be able to add the reward STX that I had earned, and I was expecting to redelegate to Friedger.
Then HIRO wallet updates happened and I no longer see the ability to delegate anything.