Polygon vs Stacks

Hello everyone,

I saw this technology stack for building dApps on top of Ethereum Blockchain: https://polygon.technology/

As I understood, it does “almost” the same like Stacks - but for Ethereum, right?

From my understanding point of view, stacks is due to off-chain operations more suitable, scalebale, and efficient (also in cost) than polygon. Is that right, what do you think?

Thanks a lot in advance.


late response, but here’s what I see that separates polygon and stacks.

Polygon is built as a scaling solution for Ethereum, using the EVM and borrowing some security. the EVM has many flaws. Stacks uses Clarity, which is very close to flawless and much more secure.

Polygon is a centralized project focused on scaling Ethereum, while Stacks mostly looks at bitcoin as a source of trust, but expands it with more expressive contracts.

in terms of cost, both teams will always make their sets of tradeoffs, and stacks more often for security and decentralization, but both are adopting scaling technologies- stacks hyperchains and polygon’s supernets.

if anything here is wrong, unclear, or incomplete pls add to it