Poll: Have you wanted to change your app's DNS name, but couldn't?

Are you an app developer? Have you wanted to change your app’s DNS name, but couldn’t because of the way app private keys are generated from it? If so, please respond to this poll. We’re trying to gauge interest in a Github issue to use BNS names instead of DNS names for app private key generation: https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack.js/issues/615

  • Yes, I have wanted to change my app’s DNS name but could not do so
  • No, I have not needed this.

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If you reply Yes, please also post your app’s name below.

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I am going to rebrand Blockusign to SignFlow but this is one of my pain points right now.

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Haven’t gotten this far in my experimentation on the Blockstack yet, but I can see this becoming a problem if you do want to change DNS names later on down the line.
So my vote is yes.