Please help me understand stacking

I updated to the newest Hiro wallet.
I have been stacking in a stackpool and have been very happy.
Naturally, I earned Stacks for stacking and would like to stack my new Stacks in the same pool.
As it did not seem possible to reallocate without revoking my delegation, so I did revoke.
Now, my wallet shows that I am stacking my original stacks with rewards going to a BTC wallet that seems to be associated with the previous stack pool.
I want to use all the possible STX in my wallet and delegate to the same stack pool as before, but there is not, as of now the option to do so from within the Hiro Wallet. Is this possibly a result of cooldown?
Thank you,

Revoking does not mean unlocking. You have to wait until your locking period ends, then you can change the amount, change the pool, etc.

Also see for more answers.