Please explain me how storage works

Hi, zeronet works by peer downloading and sharing the sites when the users load the page, ipfs is a blockcahin peer; how does blockstack works? Couse i saw somewhere a image and it was written “local database”, so its a sever-client based nwtwork? If so cant just my server be ddos (is the ip of the server shown when you publish your app?

I have not understood the “app”, are them normal site in javascipt you keep on your blockstack? I saw it Can Give permission, ao could the app work like a “normal” .exe?

Have you tried reading

We’re trying to improve the Gaia documentation. Can you please list out what things you’re confused about and what you’d like to see in the Gaia storage documentation? That feedback would be really helpful to us. Thanks!


I’ve been trying to understand what is the default storage, when I first run blockstack. Is this some AWS storage that is running?

Pretty sure the “default storage” at the present time is MS azure blob storage (see link to gaia above too). If I run across a more definitive statement about the same, I will try and post it here. I hope that helps.

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