Personal data store integration

Hi All. I have a scenario that I’d like to field to the Blockstack community, related to profile updates on an independant PDS.

We are working on a registration/federated authentication API, which will use Blockstore as the underlying blockchain name registration mechanism. The federated authentication mechanism uses signed challenges to validate identities. We are also developing an external PDS (personal data store) API which users can place their personal information into (encrypted with their public key via ECIES), and against which questions can be asked (via an index). Placement of profile data into this PDS is independant of Blockstore, and access is managed via the authentication API via a signature validation mechanism. The PDS will hold large amounts of personal data, some of which will change often.

If we were to raise specific events from the external PDS in response to a specific user’s PDS update, we could handle these on a listener and in turn initiate a profile update on the blockchain, via Blockstore’s ‘put_mutable’/‘put_immutable’ methods. An issue we would have to solve is how we handle private keys for these updates.

Has anybody used this approach?

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