Pending transaction more than 10 hours

I have 1 transaction stuck on blockchain for more than 10 hours. Please help me to resolve it.


Transaction detail: STX Transaction - 0xcc3c7…42dc7 (


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@jeremyup the transaction has a nonce of 4 but the last executed transaction nonce is 1 which means that the next nonce that can be processed for this account is 2.

Did the wallet set this nonce for you? or did you set a nonce manually?
If the wallet set this nonce for you I believe you may have run into a bug. Please let me know which wallet so we can inform the wallet provider.

Here is a diagram that shows it you can see this by checking the pending transactions for your address on STX Address - SP3FX…XM8TA


I set the nonce at 4 for this transaction manually.
I also read instructions to solve the problem. However, when i create a new transaction and set the nonce at 2, the wallet said that transaction is unable to broadcast.
Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 22.30.50

I try with Xverse and Leather Wallet, but cannot create a new transaction.

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@jeremyup, this can happon on very rare occasions, this may mean that there is a pending transaction with that nonce already pending but it is on a node that you are connected to but it hasn’t reached the Hiro Explorer nodes. Typically nodes are all connected well and they do propagate to all nodes, especially very well connected nodes like the ones from Hiro.

A work around you can try is increasing the fee until it is high enough to replace the pending transaction (we can’t see). Any transaction can be replaced as long as it is pending and as long as the fee for the new transaction with the same nonce is higher than the one already pending.

Want to try that? Just set a fee that is a little higher than you normally set or a fee that is 0.000001 STX higher than the current standard fee your current wallet suggests.



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