Pending deposit transaction

I was depositing STX Tokens in my Stacks Wallet from Kucoin. The Kucoin site says the tokens were sent and the transaction was completed and I double checked the address and it was correct but no Tokens received or transactions listed in my wallet. Its been over 24 hours

I have the same problem.

I am trying to contact support. I wonder if everything is delayed do to the Stacks 2.0 upgrade? I know I had to wait on KuCoin before trying the withdrawal from them due to the upgrade? But still have not received my STX in the stacks wallet

Thanks for reporting this issue. @BJK51 Confirming its still not showing in your wallet? cc @markmhendrickson for any insights on this :pray:

@BJK51 mind sharing a transaction ID / explorer link for us to take a look? feel free to email [email protected] if preferred.

Hi @Gina Could you check my transaction for me , it still pending about 11 hours STX transfer (Pending) - Stacks 2.0 explorer

Hi Gina, I opened up two support threads. Can you please help?

Should have responded, let me know if the issue is persisting! Thanks