Pending 21hrs (was previously working) (Update, now pending 24hrs, where can i get support !)


Two transactions now pending, first one more than 7 hrs. I downloaded the Hiro wallet (that updated my old wallet), used the stx address with memo. Sent some transactions yesterday, seemed a little slower than i remember with the previous stx wallet, but i wasnt in in a hurry, took less than an hour.
Today tried to send, it was stuck on pending in stacks explorer. I thought it might speed things up if i send another “to unclog” ?? not a tech term ! In any event both transactions are now pending, one for 7 hrs and the other one for 4 hrs. Plenty of stx left in the wallet (and its good to see the transaction fee’s have reduced !
I’m sending to Binance, yesterday you can see it pending it took a while for 6 confirmations, today you cannot even see the pending deposit in Binance.

I’ve done everything right and dont understand why this is happening, an advice would be appreciated. I was considering getting ready to stack for the next epoch coming up but this sort of thing is a concern.

All the best for the blockstack team and communuty,



I have the same problem, I did a test by sendingstx for the first time to Binance, it took 3 hours but everything went well, but the second transaction has been pending for more than 48 hours!