Peer 1 app, visualisation of internet nodes

Folks I came across a cool app, gives a visualisation of internet nodes over time. Publisher is Peer 1 and seems credible. Here are some screen shots of the internet at time intervals 1994, 2002, 2012 and a forecast for 2020. Surely decentralisation will become easier as more devices develop a capability to communicate without depending on certain types of legacy infrastructure that brings with it legacy issues and senseless bureaucracy.

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These are really cool - thanks for sharing @ishaheen10! I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what I’m looking at. How are nodes arranged in the images?

Hi Larry, each node represents either an ISP, a University, Internet Exchange Point, Network Info Centre and Org Network. The arrangement is by geography. The really dense and large circles are USA and Europe. The app shows a geography view as well.

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Cool! Thank you! Do you have a link to the app? Is it publicly available?

Yes it is, it’s just called Peer 1 visualisation

if you have a mac then you will need BlueStack to play android apps

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