pDrive memory leak (bug) and other apps


I post here, because I can’t seem to get my messages to the developers of pDrive, via Twitter, etc.

This is what I’m seeing when I try to upload a file (PDF) larger than 20 mb.
I can replicate it every single time with a 27 mb PDF file, either on google chrome browser or Brave browser.

As soon as I select the file, or drag it so it starts to upload, the memory on the tab, that floats at around 300 mb, then starts to increase to well beyond 1.5 GB

I have tested uploading the same file to Blackhole app and also to Envelop app, and it works perfectly.

But with pDrive, it either keeps consuming memory on the tab (process) until eventually starts swapping and then basically locking up the browser. Some times, I even have to reset the machine.
OS is Linux, and I’ve also seen comments from others (on twitter) with the same issue.
Not sure it’s a pDrive specific issue or a library issue, as I can also replicate the problem in xordrive app.


Thank you to inform about that!
I just fixed, the problem was that the pieces of the file were above 20MB and apparently the Blockstack changed the maximum file size to 20MB (it was 25MB, so the app was prepared to work with that).
And after that unexpected size problem, there was a bug that the app did not work properly anymore.

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My pleasure!
Now working like charm.


Sent via twitter, but woud like to keep it here for reference.

I think I’ve found another issue with pDrive.
I have a PDF file that I can perfectly read on my machine.
When I upload the file to pDrive, it upload fine, but I can’t display it! It says “Failed to load PDF file.”
And if I then download the file, it’s corrupt.
Probably escape sequences while parsing the file? :woozy_face:

You can download the PDF file here and try to replicate the problem: https://envl.app/kwagnert/E6QBwe!lLSUcQZ1UPP3XjCh

where is it written that the file size is changed?

Hi, using the provided PDF I could not reproduce the download problem. However, I could not display it. The library that pDrive uses to handle with pDF cannot display it, apparently due to a parsing problem with this file. So, I changed the PDF display mode to the browser default. But if the download is not working for you the viewer probably will not work too, so I recommend upload the file again and try the new viewer :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know where this kind of change is written, but the maximum file size should be 25MB, but now apparently is 20MB. I know it by testing because anything above you will receive a 413 HTTP code.

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Hi ariny,

I just tried to upload the file again to pDrive. I now get an error and the file is not uploaded. “Error when uploading to Gaia hub”


hmmmmm @friedger do you know of a change of filesize?

The only apps that work correctly are “Envelop” and “Blackhole”. No matter what filesize or file type you throw at them.

Other file storage apps crash the browser and/or the machine, by excessive memory swap.
Doesn’t happen with files smaller than 20 mb.

Because probably Envelop & Blackhole host their own Gaia nodes so they can decide the file size I think.

Nope. They host at Gaia.

I think Envelop & Blackhole do file splitting. pDrive does not.

It has to. Max filesize is limited to 20mb.
Thats why other apps are bombing.
Like dmail, xordrixe, etc.

I just tested it (your file is here https://pdrive.co/sharedfiles?u=ariny.id.blockstack&i=24f00766-3908-4b07-bd45-258eef28f36a) and it seems to work properly. Probably it was a connection problem.

Actually pDrive splits the file also, when necessary. The relevant thing is the chunk size defined to split the file. Originally it was 10MB on pDrive, so after encryption, the file size goes to a little above 20MB. The maximum file size on Gaia was 25MB, so no problem. Apparently, it was changed to 20MB, so it started the original problem of this topic. XorDrive also used 10MB to split the file and got the same problem that pDrive. Envelop uses 5MB, so it had not the problem. Currently the chunk size on pDrive for split a file is 8MB.

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Downloaded the file from that link.
File is corrupt when I try to open it.

Yeah I changed to XorDrive, if I look at the network traffic I can see chunks get split in pieces of approx 5MB.
I think it does it async as well because it’s way way faster then PDrive over here.
Also I’m able to upload much more for the moment.

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Try to upload to xordrive the PDF I’m testing and it will also fail with xordrive.