Patrick's marketing strategies WIN and LOSE

This post content a lot of assumptions which I believe to be true. Any argument like because of X so Y, you should read as because as I believe X is true, so I think Y is true.

Long time ago, Patrick told me that before he joined Blockstack PBC, he send them a thesis of strategy grow model. In it, he say that if Blockstack BPC do X, Y, Z then they will win in long term.

The result is somewhat true and somewhat false if he actually care about retail investors and actually want grow the project. Yes, with Patrick’s strategies Blockstack PBC can raise a lot of money. But that’s it. Blockstack PBC and Blockstack in general fail to reach new investors, users and withhold confidence of old retail investors.

What Patrick do is focus on Marking on Mainstream media like WSJ, Forbes, NYT and top universities all around the world. With this, Blockstack PBC grow trust in US government and smart people. Result is SEC approved Blockstack PBC to sell STX to retail investors. That’s great! My hat is off.

Patrick and Blockstack PBC team also believe that developers are the heart of Blockstack. They put a lot of resources to attract developers. I think yes, Developers is very important but they’re not exactly the heart. Many others project prove otherwise.

My logic based on game theory. The best system is the one that all players wanna contribute to the system because they will get profits from it. Profit doesn’t necessary mean money, it can be glory or any thing else.

I’m an evangelist, many founders ask me to promote their projects, many developers ask me to promote their apps. As a human, I always ask myself what can I get when I do X for Y. And I know most people think like me.

So please don’t tell me that you’re in Blockstack because you wanna change the world. Anybody wanna change the world.

Some developers say people like me just talk, criticize but doesn’t do anything. I’d argue I do more than those people. Since I brings many users, investors to the system. Many developers just build low quality apps, don’t have users. For me, they’re just talk. Some of them used to develop apps to scam project too. I never promo any scam project. So who better now?

Truth be told, I can build Blockstack app too. I just don’t want to do it. I used to code 5 years ago. So if you can code, anybody can. I choose to be evangelist because I’m good at that and I am one of the top in my country.

Sometime I share about myself because first I PR myself and second I don’t think you understand the role of us and you undervalued us.

Why Blockstack PBC need evangelists? Why smart developers repeatedly ask us to promo their apps? If you don’t respect us, nobody promo your apps.

Since Blockstack strategies focus on make developers happy, there’s articles they thanks developers but there’s ZERO articles they thanks evangelists. Very disappointed!

What they do will make developers think they’re the best psychologically. And evangelists think they’re nothing.

Patrick told me that because anybody has stake in the system (have STX) they will support the system. NO, THAT’S NOT THE CASE.

Fact is, STX is below $0.3 price now and nobody actually promo Blockstack. Because we’re human. Why should we do something for free if most people don’t do it. People will wait for some stupid heroes do it for them.

Expecting heroes’s help is very bad strategy. It’s very much like Karl Marx philosophy. Everybody do what they want and have what they want. The world doesn’t work that way. You need incentive involve.

I have STX, many people have STX too. Why should I have to promo Blockstack while other don’t? That make no sense. And for developers too, why should I have to TEST or promo your apps?

I can write this post because I don’t need Blockstack PBC like me, or any developer like me. You’re not my best interest. My best interest is people who believe in me (mostly investors) and when they see it, they know I do the best for them.

I have investors who will invest in anything I told them too. Because they believe me will do the best for them. What about you? Did you have somebody like that?

For Blockstack PBC, do you have developers, users, investors like that? Do they really think you will do the best for them? For developers, do you have users who think you will do the best for them? If you don’t have any or just a small numbers. Ask yourself what did you do wrong!

Bottom line, you may not need me but you will need people have skills like me or better than me. Otherwise you lose! Treat them well and you will surprise about the result.

If Blockstack PBC or anybody relate to them reply this post, please consider that use many accounts to say one thing is not a good counter strategy. It’s just look like a bunch of shill bots say the same thing. I see it a lot in Blockstack Telegram community. By doing it, you’re losing trust from community since nobody support you but yourself. Sad! (Be smart, make a fake account, at least)

Hey, I just contribute a few hours to Blockstack :sunglasses: Thanks for reading!