Partner wanted: Layer to use Youtube privately

We all use Youtube…

but isn’t it evil? It’s defenitly a great source of klnowledge, entertainment and also a valueable space for creators. And features like subscriptions, playlists and the history are amazing to keep track of new and old content. On the other hand, google creates a profil of each of their users, if they want to enjoy the features youtube offers.

What about using…

the fact that youtube is accessible without creatin a account? I am suggesting a blockstack app, that manages core features of the youtube account and keeps the data at the fingertips of the users. Youtube consumption, that can’t be evil.

And therefore…

partners and developers are welcome. Text me, if you are intersted in conceptioning, developing and mining the app together with me. Text me.

Cheers. BTW I am based in Germany, but should be a problem right?

This has been on my idea list because it is something I’d like to use personally. As someone who objects to being signed into Youtube account for general usage, I do miss a number of conveniences, like remembering videos I like, getting notifications of channels and being able to toggle between the kinds of recommended videos that you get. I’m not sure how you can keep Youtube from maintaining a shadow profile though.

I’d be happy to be a beta tester for this.

Yeah, I have the same intention. Would love to use and develop it. :slight_smile:
And hopefully someone wants to hop on the train.

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Just being devil’s advocate - why not create a Gmail account with a fake name for this purpose?

Good question. For me, it’s the practice of a corporation hording personal data for means that users have little control over that I object to. Whether you use a fake name or not, it still creates a large data silo on you. A fake name doesn’t exactly hide your identity to Google either, because it can be trivially linked.

Also, a dApp for this would be more empowering that a standard youtube account. Your browsing data & preferences are leveraged for a better user experience without transferring power to a large unaccountable party. And you can tailor what you want to do with your own data beyond what is possible in a standard youtube account.

Fair enough. As long as the DApp is not built in a way that would compromise UX in some way, this makes sense.

Also, just an observation from the point of view of a frequent YouTube user - the way they usually (mis)target me with ads is laughable. Not happy about the data silo for other reasons but it seems pretty random and they have yet to show me something I actually want. Different story on FB as it’s much more accurate there.

Thanks for your opinion. That fake account becomes your primary account (at least for google) when you use it all the time. And switching an rebulding your subscriptions every three months is kind of crazy too.

What do you mean by “built in a way that would not compromise in UX”?

Why would one have to switch every 3 months if basic Gmail is free forever?

I mean it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t make it more complicated or limiting when compared to just using YouTube directly.