Participate in Blockstack Governance - Take the Stacks Governance Survey 💪🏼

On March 25, 2020, the Blockstack Governance Working Group released the Stacks Governance Survey. The purpose of the survey is to include “the views, needs and preferences of as many community members as possible”.

The questions in the survey include where community members live, what their role is in the community, how they participate, as well as experience in other blockchain ecosystems. The survey was designed by Lane Rettig who has significant experience in Ethereum governance. Lane was retained by Blockstack PBC to lead the development of a governance proposal for the Blockstack community. He’s done a great job kickstarting governance for the community!

As of April 22, there were 45 responses to the survey. We would like to get to 100 this week. Given that there are 197 participants on just Blockstack Discord and 81 people on the Evangelists call last week this should be doable.

Remember Blockstack is your community and your voice matters for future governance of the Blockstack eco-system.

Please take the survey by Friday, May 1, 2020!
You can find it at

Thanks for participating. :heart:


Currently circling this one out in Telegram :slight_smile:

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Also, asked Spartan team to share to our Chinese community.

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Thanks for your support @louiseivan :pray: