Part 2 Mining Contest Update

Hi Everyone,

Quick update on the contest. Want to thank all of you who worked through the frustrations of slow to sync nodes, forks, and other issues. After gathering feedback from the PBC engineering team, Daemon has decided we’re going to end Part 2 of the mining contest early in order to direct all of our collective efforts at the Stacks 2.0 launch. In addition, the reward structure will revised. A few details to note:

  • The contest will now end January 8th at noon Hong Kong Time.

  • The reward structure will be revised to pay out the 300K STX token pool evenly across everyone who successfully participated as a miner on the Xenon network. This means anyone who committed tBTC to attempt to mine a block (total mined > 0). Want to thank everyone from the community for the feedback here.

  • If you think you may have been mining on a fork of Xenon, please perform a stacks-dump so Daemon can confirm your participation. Instructions on how to do so are here.

  • Daemon will be posting a spreadsheet with all the addresses eligible for rewards in the following few days. We will then be reaching out in the coming 2 weeks to gather information to send the STX reward to all eligible participants.

Daemon wants to thank everyone who participated in Part 2. This was a much more challenging phase of the contest, both with a steeper learning curve for mining on Xenon.

We want to now direct all attention and effort to the upcoming launch of Stacks 2.0. As Jenny mentioned, Daemon will be holding a series of office hours for miners to answer questions from miners looking to help launch the Stacks 2.0. You can see a forum post with details on how to join here.


Thank you …it was a good experience in preparation for the the upcoming mainnet.

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Thank you!
Is it correct to distribute awards among those who joined the network only after you announced the terms of the competition? (that rewards will be received by everyone who has total_mined> 0)

If I am in this table and have actual_win “: 0,” total_win “: 2,” total_mined “: 486,” miner_burned ": 9720000, then I don’t need to send an additional report - just wait?