Original STACK Wallet to a New Wallet - HELP

I purchased my original tokens during the ICO and stored them on the original STACKS WALLET until the last unlocked tokens became available which is soon.

I now see that the old wallet is no longer supported so I downloaded the HIRO wallet and entered my 12 Word Seed and my balance does not show in this wallet.

The old wallet still shows the correct balance, but not the HIRO wallet although it accepts my 12-word seed without an issue. How can I access my tokens at this point to transfer them to another wallet or an exchange?

Thank you in advance.

Additional info:

-I am using MacOS
-My seed was 12 words

Panicked a bit but solved the issue. CryptoGoatMan, did you use the ledger / trezor with the original STX wallet? If so, here’s the KA to walk through, How can I use my Ledger device with the Hiro Wallet?