Open-source Registrar

This community is all about open-source software and helping each other to grow the ecosystem. As an example of Onename’s commitment to this mission, today we open-sourced our registrar and contributed it to the blockstack github. This is the code that we use to register users on the blockchain in bulk. Anyone can take the code and build another registrar. In fact, we believe that having multiple registrars will actually help the ecosystem. In the DNS world, users can go to godaddy or namecheap etc and similarly in the blockchain ID world, users should be able to pick their registrars / providers.

Open decentralized systems, FTW!


This is really exciting! Will take some time to check this out! Thanks @muneeb & @ryan!


Neat, congrats on the release!

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UPDATE 10/2015: The repo has been updated to reflect the change from Namecoin to Bitcoin blockchain. The repo will be under rapid development in the coming weeks. If anyone is interested in contributing code or have a discussion about what features should be included in a registrar, Github issues is a great place to do that!