On The Decentralized Revolution

Given the elimination of several private sector manufacturing jobs, big companies want there to be a universal basic income so that people have time to THINK/LEARN about what they wanna do. Technocratic developers building community businesses that make a difference can definitely boost morale before a calamity of lack of knowledge and laziness settles in. The Sovereign Individual is you. There is a lot of work to do. Think and Grow Rich by deploying small business ideas faster/better than centralized businesses can modul-ize to defeat you— business at the speed of new thought > business at the speed of copying centralized models. New paradigm localizes the game in the cloud— connecting with people in your rich suburban neighborhood by offering a better product/service of some kind is key. What Blockstack needs to to is develop an internet OS (they have already done it: it’s the Blockstack Browser) and deploy it masterfully on a new piece of Steve Jobs-style hardware of their own/anyone else that wants to deploy the browser (maybe get some decentralized hardware partners) with only the most amazing decentralized apps… people just wanna buy new gadgets that have at least one practical utility (example: music on your Google Home), and they don’t want anyone spying on their data. This will popularize the decentralized web, and we can attest to the value of network effects. You need to know what one function of the blockstack browser people can’t live without: I think it could potentially be coin management for early adopters? To be honest, I don’t have all the answers nor the ideas to build up the new utilities required to put up a good fight against the data banks, but I do know one thing: the end of the Internet data and American bank hegemony may be imminent, and the clash of the titans is predicted to be the Sovereign Individuals versus the centralized government. As for dapp devs, it’s an uphill climb, but I think there is some magic if you somehow manage to implement blockchain logic within your user-facing app, i.e. program the blockchain into your messenger, search engine, marketplace, etc. It is like blockchain-ception because Blockstack is an internet on the blockchain (layer 2) and your app (layer 3) could have blockchain logic, and you know that layer 1, if I’m not mistaken, is also a blockchain, so 1+1+1 = 3 the magic number.

Even if the greatest effects of decentralization are not felt in the US immediately, verily, they will be felt abroad in lesser developed countries as soon as they get/develop/grow their own Internet economies.

Those economies ought not be controlled by conglomerates.


Wanted to highlight this comment. A great point. Yes! Hopefully that one function is access to amazing apps they can’t live without.


“Think and Grow Rich” <- Great Book.

A diverse range of consumer dApps can only be created by a diverse range of people. Thus, I believe the barrier to enter this platform (and the wider blockchain community) must be lowered so that not only developers can contribute their creativity.

People fear what they do not know, and even technical folks are wary of cryptocurrencies and even more so of the underlying technology. Despite the media’s attempts to communicate how blockchain works, people still do not see how the trust-less record-keeping and programable tokenized value storage can be a game-changer to the core of how capitalist society functions. There needs to be a louder voice that promotes a simplified vision before mass adoption can occur. Something like “power to the people with this all-in-one, intuitive, and beautiful package”.

Blockstack appears to be the best foundation for this mass adoption and thus needs to be prepped for the masses, not only blockchain developers. Please send me a message if you have any enabling ideas and I and whomever else I can mobilize will be of service to this cause.

For Creativity & Collaboration,

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This kind of movement will definitely set the paradigm in motion. Highlighting this beautiful line.

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Update: I don’t there has to be a clash at all actually. That would “me vs. world” immaturity. I think that the authentic maturation of AI and crypto opportunities will naturally assimilate into the economic order, and centralized institutions will help with progress where they see the real value. I think Blockstack has always recognized this fact, and I really credit the amazing team for that. Sovereign individual anarchists are not the solution. The solution is good policy, strategic partnerships, and perseverance with an open heart for growth, empathy, patience, and gratitude. These virtues will carry the good of the decentralization forward.

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