Old wallet to new computer

Please, reply in layman terms for me. My old computer is dying, I can access my wallet there. I downloaded the new wallet on my new computer and entered my seed phrase and it wants to set up a new account. I would like to access my old wallet on my new computer.

Hi Joni, this sounds like an instance of entering a separate secret key than the one that is associated with your Stacks balance. Secret keys for the Stacks wallet have always been either a 24 word secret phrase, or via a hardware wallet. Are there any other secret key options to try?

In order to reset the wallet to try entering a different secret key, click on “settings” then “reset wallet.”

Steps for connecting via hardware wallets are available in the FAQ here: Stacks Wallet

Oh my goodness Gina. Thank you. I swore I tried both the seed phrases i had already; however, i tried again with your suggestion and YES! it opened my account for me. Whew! I am so relieved. Thank you for your kind response and help. I feel so inadequate with these things. I just keep trying to learn.
best regards.

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I’m glad it helped! Don’t feel inadequate - this is new for a lot of us and turns out you had everything you needed! Cheers to continued learning :blush: