Old Wallet, can't transfer funds out, lost seed

Blockstacks was one of my first crypto purchases and I was not as good at keeping wallet seeds back then. I still have access to my origional Stacks wallet, but each time I add a little BTC to withdraw my funds to the new wallet, it asks for a bit more BTC for the fee. Is there a workaround that will allow me to withdraw funds from the old Stacks wallet if I cannot find my seed?

I’ve been religiously keeping seeds since 2016 (back to LSK) and I can’t find my Blockstack seeds anywhere. I’m about to try to add BTC and transfer too.

The old v3.x wallet that uses BTC for fees only worked with Stacks v1.0 blockchain which no longer exists, so that will not help you. You need to upgrade to wallet v4.x for Stacks 2.0 which requires the 24-word seed phrase created when you created the original v3.x wallet. Unfortunately there is no workaround/solution if you lost your seed phrase.