Old mnemonic seed - Can't login into blockstack wallet

Hi guys!

Can someone help me with migrating to the new 24 word mnemonic seed ?

Mine is from 2017 and it counts only 12 words. Logging in ends up with below:

I don’t understand how this would help me in this particular case - it makes no sense to me.



Please help

And what the hell happened with my id i bought in 2017

I remember registering such ID with my btc wallet connected with my blockstack id

It’s been 3 years i know but as i know everything on the blokchain is irreversible.

Paid usernames expire 2 years after purchase. Free ones do not expire. You can go to “edit” “more” and from there should be able to click on the “renew” button.

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Your are trying to use the stacks wallets with your seed for your identity. If you want to put your identity using the same seed as for the stacks holdings then you have to

  1. create a new seed for stacks wallet
  2. transfer your identity to an address derived from your new seed.

I understand you found the blockstack browser using your 12 words seed already. Note, that there is a newer version: https://app.blockstack.org (with limited functionality)

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