OI Calendar 0.7

I just pushed OI Calendar 0.7 out. See https://cal.openintents.org

This version has

  • a new UI (Bootstrap 4)
  • reminders (experimental) with integration with Spring Role (or other profile services) through enriched notifications that arrive in OI Chat (or other chat services)
  • a link for donations (hint, hint ;-), know issues, etc.
  • support to take your calendar from Google Takeout
  • an interface for other apps to add events or calendars via web intents (https://github.com/friedger/oi-calendar#app-developers)
  • support for conferencing via matrix/OI Chat
  • a section with all your files on gaia

This was a community effort mainly through gitcoin.co.

Feel free to create issue on github.com and/or fund your most itching issues on gitcoin.co!


Great Stuff. This app has value for both a individual and a business! Can this app be ported to iOS and Android? Having one app that you can use across devices is a great app. We need more apps with this kind of value. We need a contacts app that does the same type of thing. Can you have one login for all your apps (ex chat, timesheets, calendar).?.?. The onboarding and amount of time and modal windows to login to each BS app is exhausting.)

@josephfoboyle.id Thank you for the feedback. Support for Android is planned. For iOS I don’t know what Apple will allow me to do here. Anybody knows? @shreyas maybe?

I think contacts will come into many apps as soon as Blockstack collections are ready.

One login for all apps is not planned, as it will lock in the user. Instead I would try to push the Blockstack to improve the login flow for apps.

Thanks @friedger contacts will come in many apps, thats the problem. We need one good app that acts like a global contact app. Can you explain what you mean about Apple? Thanks

@josephfoboyle.id https://kit.st is the best we have today. https://github.com/ferrucc-io/kit-crm

I don’t know the iOS world well enough to judge how easy it is to integrate an calendar on an iPhone. In Android, we just need to write a SyncAdapter for the CalendarProvider (docs)