OI App Center 2.0

A new version of OI App Center has been published. The focus has switched from information for developers to reviews by users and hopefully becomes a place where users can find information about all apps.

To app developers:
We are now looking for feedback about integrating the Rate app link in your apps. It looks like this: https://app-center.openintents.org/appco/1444/review (note the /review at the end, it replaces /comment) If you haven’t done yet, what stops you from doing it? Do you care about user reviews? Does it make a difference if OI App Center takes part in the app mining program or not? …

To all users:
We have added the feature that reviews are not anonymous anymore. The motivation is to make the reviews more valuable for all. Would you like to have the option to provide anonymous reviews?

Feel free to leave also a comment at https://app-center.openintents.org/appco/1444/review


A short write-up for how to add a Rate App! link can be found here: https://app.sigle.io/friedger.id/UF470tRdy3BtSs46l7axq