Numerous apps failing and other topics

greetings, first time posting

is debugging information mainly done on the browser console?
i am getting multiple error messages that I have no idea how to interpret.
mostly: “Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource…”
maybe blockstack doesnt like firefox?

some other info in this post if you want to keep reading and continue conversation:

long title: “numerous apps failing to do anything/don’t know if this is the right place to ask about it because as I understand it apps may be from different developers but i thought it best to check that the blockstack installation/environment are properly setup before moving on to debugging apps themselves because they may be failing for independently different reasons (etc)”

blockstack seems ok: it looks good, interfaces feel clean
i am not sure what blockstack is at the moment other than an dapp framework that has an identity provider, which is great (if it is an accurate description), but then the next question is what is the state of the network/community/usage? i have seen the claim (somewhere?) that 70k+ people have worked on blockstack (would the shorthand for blockstack be “bs”? :confused: ) dapps/core and that is very promising, but since a couple of the dapps are failing to initialize i cannot really explore much of anything