NoteRiot - Multiplatform. Easily and quickly save notes

I want to announce NoteRiot here in the forums. NoteRiot has been released for a while, but I saw that YourNotes got some good feedback here in the forums and I’m hoping for the same. Plus, @aviaryan123 and I are expecting to work on some data portability features with Blockstack this month.


I took a brief moment to try this out. Really liked the simplicity and organizing features–I need to spend some more time with it to compare to all the different things I’ve used. Things that struck me initially though:

  • Performant–it’s snappy in Chrome on my machine
  • Confused between G-Suite use model when creating a note–the top of the editor said “Create Note” which I thought was an editable title for the note like Google Sheets or Docs.
  • A bar with a checkbox containing my tabs ended up obscuring some of the menu items (pic below)


Hey thanks! I noticed that dropdown artifact … working on a better tagging system!

I believe this is fixed now. Made some changes and unable to replicate the lingering artifact.

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Hey @dant thanks for sharing! Small note that I tried tagging a note with both Favorite and Favorites and neither seemed to categorize the app under the favorites category.

This looks like a UX opportunity. “Favorites” are identified by clicking the heart icon. I’ll make sure this is clear.

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