Newly signed up to Blockstack! Anyone else into lifestyle design?

I’m James. I’m from New Zealand, I like to try out new technologies like this, and I’m interested in living life to the fullest, travel, entrepreneurship, personal belief change, books, learning - anyone else?

Here’s my website:

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Hi James,

I love your enthusiasm, and I even share it.
Nice to meet you and even nicer to have you in this community.


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Hey James,

Nice to meet you on here. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called “lifestyle design,” but I’d say I’m into that in my own way. Its always been a dream of mine to visit New Zealand. I hope I get to someday.

I like your hairstyle in the picture on your website BTW.

All the best from “sunny” Alaska and I hope we get to chat more soon.


Awesome, Mark :slight_smile: Nice to meet you too!

Hah, awesome! I liked your bio, by the way. New Zealand is a very big, somewhat untouched country, so I think you’d find what you’re looking for. Feel free to ask me for recommendations :))

Thanks! I initially started growing my hair to save money on haircuts, then I ended up getting so much positive feedback that I’ve decided to let it go on past a year now.

I’ll be glad to chat more. Nice to meet you Kitsana.

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