New/updated Blockstack community GitHub repos

Last week I pushed a major update to the blockstack/blockstack Github repo, converting this page into a landing page for new community members. The page now features a new contributor guide:

I have also added an “events” repo which we can use for documenting events and posting links to all of the media that is produced by event organizers and attendees. This was inspired by the Bsides event guide and I plan to have more content added by myself and others over time. Right now I’m putting everything in the wiki:

The blockchain ID repo has been updated with a new readme file and updated wiki:

I’m also working on a draft of a blockchain ID page for Wikipedia. Contributions to this page are definitely welcome, especially from other communities working on blockchain ID projects:

Urgent task - add a Slackbot

We have a lot of new people joining the community Slack, and right now there’s not a clear path to getting started with contributing to the community. I want to add a bot to the Slack that delivers a welcome message to all new members:

If you know how to code such a bot, please jump into the issue on GitHub and claim this for yourself so we can easily welcome new members into our community.


Looks really good to me @light. But can you get a couple newbie’s to look through all of this and provide some feedback on this documentation so we know we’re getting it right?